Ninja Made Easy Week: Meditate on This

Bloggified by Jake on Monday, February 13, 2006

Ninjitsu: The Art of the Ninja didn't waste your time with some story about ninjas trying to infiltrate a fortress or stabbing samurai in the gut with sais. Instead, it provided you with a step by step guide to follow should you want to infiltrate a fortress or stab a samuari in the gut with a sai.With art by Chuck Wojkiewicz, one of Teacher Dave's favorite artists (I also own a page of Wojkiewicz's art, so I'm not ripping the guy), the book lays out the art of the invisible warrior, beginning with a brief (three sentences) history lesson, a description of the ninja's uniform, and a explanation of the importance of meditation to cultivating internal powers, which is presented as a two-page, nine-step process.Please note that nowhere in the instructions does it say anything about what to do with your hands and, in fact, talk about your belly button more that your hands.

I assume these images are just put in there because nine images of a guy sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed wouldn't work. Hence, Wojkiewicz went with "this is the church, this is the steeple" and "Hook 'em Horns." This is based both on the lack of connection between the text and images, but also on my assumption there is no "ninja-approved" meditation technique that involves "pull my finger" jokes.To demonstrate the next step in our calming meditation, we turn to legendary calming influence Diamond Dallas Page.And to wrap things up, the "snake eating an egg."Refreshed? Exhilirated.? Great!

Come back tomorrow and we'll get on our feet and ninjawalk!

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