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Which of the following statements is not quoted from the Bloodlines letter page of Youngblood #3?
A) [Rob Liefeld's] precise detail is a lot like Jack Kirby's early work.

B) [The characters in Youngblood] are not simply retreads of your characters from Marvel. They all have their own unique personalities.

C) Youngblood is one of the best creations I've ever seen! You've definitely got the Spider-Mans and Batmans of the future in Youngblood

D) I honestly believe [Rob Liefeld is] this generation's Jack Kirby...

E) How about a Diehard and Shadowhawk team-up?

F) I am confident that all of the Youngblood characters will be given sufficient depth in upcoming issues...

G) Marvel has held a cloud over the comics industry for years and Image has brought sunshine back to collecting. I'm glad to see the smiles wiped off their generic characters' faces!

H) In Youngblood #2, I missed Diehard. Will he be back? I hope so, because he's my favorite character.
(Note: Yes, Diehard appeared in a half-issue-long story in #1, was absent from #2, and is Mike Hanyok's favorite character.)

I) My favorite characters so far are: Combat, Riptide, Diehard, and Bedrock (cool names!). Overall, [issue #2] was a nine on a ten point scale.

J) I think this is the best [artwork] I've ever seen!

K) Your scripting in Youngblood #2 is ten times better than your buddy Hank Kanalz!
(Note: Talk about damning with faint praise... Kanalz had written Siren and The Flash at the point this was published. He added Ultraforce to his resume a year later.)

L) First you thought of two Youngblood teams. Then, here come the Berzerkers and Prophet! You're too much, Rob! Only the second issue and already three seperate teams have appeared.(Note: How prophetic... now if only he'd stop creating and debuting new teams and characters and do something with the ones he already has.)

M) Visually, this is by far your best work. My only complaint is I think everything seems to be crammed or rushed. (Note: How prophetic... again.)

N) You don't draw pupils.

The answer is N. That is a quote from Bloodline in issue #4.

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