Invisible Girl is Worthless: Prelude #2

Bloggified by Jake on Sunday, April 30, 2006

I've scanned a lot of frames to make my case for why Invisible Girl was worthless through the first ten issues of Fantastic Four and am coming up with too much material. So, here's one of the sequences that didn't make the cut.Saying that turning invisible before running into traffic is a stupid move will get Reed Richards all up in your face? What kind of supergenius defends invisible car dodging as a legitimate role on a superteam? She doesn't even stop to see if anyone survived the wreck nor to fill out a police report. What a superhero!

I also just noticed that What WERE They Thinking? and I posted the same frame on Thursday. He also has posted the "Abraham Lincoln's mother" sequence that serves as the basis for my eventual IGiW post.

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