Invisible Girl is Worthless: Prelude

Bloggified by Jake on Thursday, April 27, 2006

I'm piecing together a post about Reed Richards's threatening of readers who felt Sue Storm didn't contribute enough to the team, highlighting her worthlessness through the first ten issues. However, as a prelude, I wanted to share this frame (from the very next issue following Reed's rant), wherein we learn just how Sue contributes to the team.

First, let's set the scene:
The Hulk is on the loose. General "Thunderbolt" Ross is appealing to the Fantastic Four to help capture/defeat/destroy the beast. Thing brags how he's going to beat the Hulk silly. Johnny describes how he'll trap the Hulk in a maze of fire and sweep him up in a flaming cyclone. Reed gets in on the trash talk, saying he'll press himself flat against the ceiling of a "specially prepared room" and wait for the Hulk to come inside, and drop from the ceiling like a giant net.

What will Sue do?Sure. Why don't you just sing a song and show off them gams, baby?

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