Please Tell Me This is a Joke

Bloggified by Jake on Monday, April 17, 2006

This letter column entry has been haunting me for a few days. Originally, I assumed it was written by one of the Now Comics staff. In fact, I assume most of the letters to Mr. T and the T-Force were written by someone associated with the book. Too often they praise it in ways I just can't imagine the average reader doing, like saying this is the greatest comic ever or how great it is for kids to get a positive anti-drug message or "I read all the other Now Comics," which I'm pretty sure no one did.
Other letters are obviously from real readers, usually recognizable by being practically unreadable or asking really stupid questions like "Why didn't Mr. T beat up that guy in the yellow shirt?" following a story where Mr. T saves the guy in the yellow shirt or "Why does Mr. T carry a video camera instead of a gun?" about a story where four pages of monologue are dedicated to Mr. T explaining that he doesn't kill people and how videotaping criminals' faces gives police solid evidence to put the fools behind bars.
Which brings us to Frank's letter. That postscript seems a little too over the top for someone from Now to have written it. If, however, Frank is an actual "22-year old, strugglin' single pops" who spent his unemployment check on a Mr. T comic, it seems like the decent thing for the editors--or any human being for that matter--to do would be to advise him to spend his money on better things. If nothing else, don't publish the postscript.
If anyone knows Joan Weis (editor of Mr. T and the T-Force) or anyone associated with Now Comics, please have them assure me this letter is a complete fabrication. Just reading this makes me uncomfortable.

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