Invisible Girl is Worthless: Prelude #3

Bloggified by Jake on Wednesday, May 3, 2006

When Sub-Mariner spends millions of dollars to buy a movie studio just so he can trick Reed, Johnny, and Ben into "starring in a film about the Fantastic Four" that winds up actually being a series of traps to kill them all off all in an effort to get into Sue Storm's panties (Hello, Google users!), what does Sue do to prove what a strong member of the team she is?

Well, for starters, she doesn't sleep with Namor... which is something... I guess. She turns invisible and throws books at him, which kind of defeats the purpose of being invisible considering even if I can't see you, but I'm being bombarded by a flurry of books flying from the bookshelf, I have a sneaking suspicion of where you might be.

Namor, however, doesn't need to use the book-flying logic since he has radar vision that allows him to see Sue even when she's invisible, which leads to:Sue being swept into Sub-Mariner's arms like a helpless baby while she kicks and screams and wishes the term "date rape" would hurry up and be invented a few decades early. Of course, before anything untoward can happen the FF men kick down the door and rush to the rescue.

But, as any frat boy can tell you, no means "NO!"... except when it means "maybe." Sue quickly gets between the boys and Namor, defending their would be murderer as misunderstood.

Keep in mind this guy just tried to feed her brother to a tribe of fireproof cannibals and stranded her supposed fiance on an island with an invincible cyclops who has killed everyone else who'd ever set foot on said island.

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