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Bloggified by Jake on Friday, July 14, 2006

Topsy-Turvy, in addition to having the worst name I've heard for an "arch-villain" in a long time, doesn't make a lot of sense to me. He can turn all of Gotham City upside down, but how does that get him delicious Hostess Fruit Pies with flaky crusts and real fruti filling?Okay, so spare change and pies fall when the city is turned upside down. Hair and Batman's cape are also subject to the laws of gravity. For some reason, though, people aren't? Further, where is he going to "scoop" up the money and pies? He doesn't have a floor. Everything would just float off into the sky.

Technically, it wouldn't since there wouldn't be any gravitational pull from empty space. Everyone and everything would still be pulled toward the ground. I mean people in Australia don't walk around with their hair sticking straight up and their Hostess Fruit Pies gripped firmly with both hands for fear of losing them to the clouds.Okay, if you think you're so smart, tell me what the hell Batman is doing and/or accomplishing. For starters, it's already been established that Batman is upside down in the first frame, but here Topsy-Turvy flips him over. Batman jumps up in the air and grabs Topsy-Turvy's ankles...... and pulls the arch-villain toward him to punch his face? I think.

In the end, the police take the bad guy away still upside-down, which is the way everything should have been all along. I believe the artistic flaw was in turning the city upside-down in the first frame. Had all the people turned upside-down in relation to the city and the ground, Topsy-Turvy would have been a real menace. The pies, hair, cape, and money things would all make sense, he could scoop the stuff up off the ground, and people would be helpless to stop him while suspended in the air without any ground against which to brace themselves.

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