Temporal Disturbance

Bloggified by Jake on Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Following up on the previous post about Armageddon 2001, I'd like to say "This is the part that really made it stupid," but there were about nine hundred stupid events that preceded this "climax," which made this just another drop in the ocean.

However, I'll still talk about it, because it's not like I have anything else to do today. For those who don't remember, the story was about a time-traveling, rainbow-emitting guy from a bleak future where one superpowered being named Monarch has ruled the world for about 20-30 years, having killed all the other superheroes decades earlier. Waverider, the rainbow guy, is determined to learn the identity of Monarch, knowing only that he was once a hero and clearly was a hero with enough power to take on every other super powered being in the world and come out on top.

Who fits that description? Duh! Hawk, obviously!

In actuality, Monarch was supposed to be Captain Atom, but the surprise twist got leaked or just plain figured out. I seem to recall working at Atomic Comics back in 1991 and looking through Previews, realizing Captain Atom was being taken off Justice League Europe around the same time the summer-long crossover was ending and assuming he was going to be revealed that he was Monarch.

In response to everyone figuring out the big twist ending, Dan Jurgens scrambled to come up with an alternate Monarch identity, settling on one of the only two characters he couldn't possibly be.

Hawk and Dove were kidnapped by Monarch, who killed Dove, then let Hawk free. Without Dove to counterbalance him, Hawk went insane and killed Monarch with his bare hands while Monarch just sat there and let him do it.So, Monarch knew that he became Monarch by beating his future self to death. Thus, he came back in time to be beaten to death so his past self could become Monarch. In effect, if he hadn't come back to be killed, he never would have existed.

The problem here lies in what happens in the future when Monarch goes back in time to be beaten to death. Monarch disappears one day, and he'll never come back. He's dead and the new Monarch takes control in 1991... or 2001. That's another fatal flaw we won't get into. So Monarch rules for 20-30 years, then disappears. Doesn't that mean the forces opposing him kind of win?

I'm not even sure if I'm making sense any more.

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