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Bloggified by Jake on Friday, December 22, 2006

I'm about a week behind posting this, but the trailer for Frank Miller's 300 is stunning. Unfortunately, I'm left feeling like it will make for a great trailer, but the movie will wear thin in about half an hour.

First off, notice how in the trailer the only lines are screamed by Leonidas (with the exception of the messenger)? When we watched it at work, Jacob was the first to point out how much more powerful that messenger scene would be if the messenger said, "This is madness," and the reply was a soft-spoken, almost shrugging reply: "Madness? This is Sparta." Or maybe if before kicking him into the pit he leaned in and whispered those words.And what's the deal with all the mutants? I need to pull out my copy of the book but I do not remember all these birth-defected freaks. I'm assuming this is the guy born in Sparta who wants to join the 300, but is told he can't hold his shield properly and winds up betraying them and leading the Immortals around the Hot Gates to flank the Spartans.And I don't remember this guy, but I know there was a montage of "the weird things the Persians threw at the 300" where the Spartans stood steadfast against creatures they had never seen, like elephants, so I'm guessing eight foot tall giants with fangs will be among the Persian arsenal.But who the fuck is this guy? Are those blades on his flippers? What possible purpose can those serve other than combat? And who would take this guy into combat?I loved this book--which now that I think about it may have been the last good thing Frank Miller wrote unless there was a Sin City one-shot that came out between this and "Hell and Back"--and I hope the visuals will carry the film, but I fear we're going to walk out full of style and hungry for substance.

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