Lazy Alien Wordmaking

Bloggified by Jake on Tuesday, December 19, 2006

This is the opening panel from Brian Michael Bendis's Illuminati miniseries. Click it for a larger image.Notice anything particularly lazy about it?

How about now?If you haven't gotten it yet, look at your keyboard and this next clue.To come up with the name of a Skrull dialect, Bendis moved his left hand one key right of "home" and drummed his fingers!I'm willing to accept that maybe he put this in as a placeholder until someone could research and see if there was some Skrull dialect that had been established in the past, but no one ever bothered to look it up or after someone did look it up, no one bothered to plug it in.

I'm also willing to believe maybe Bendis did his research and Sfdsdgf really is a Skrull dialect first mentioned twenty years ago, but if that's the case, it only means some other writer was lazy about creating his alien language.

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