What's Wrong With These Pictures?

Bloggified by Jake on Tuesday, December 5, 2006

I just don't have it in me to criticize the first issue of Onslaught Reborn, largely because there isn't much story to criticize. The book is nothing but an attack by Onslaught on the Baxter Building, meaning Loeb is relying on Rob Liefeld's art to carry the day.

I wanted to do a big panel by panel examination of Liefeld's art, but after five pages I was wiped and in need of a Jimmy Olsen comic to cleanse my palate, so all I give you is:

1. Human hips can't do that. Franklin's twisting the right side of his body forward, yet his leg is going backward from a position at though his hips were squared.
2. That gun is floating. Franklin Richards isn't gripping it.
3. Gun still floating and doesn't have a trigger.
4. Franklin's part just switched sides. This is one frame later and on the same page as the previous panel.

I guess it should be noted though that there are four wrists in those two panels, which is four more than more Liefeld comics.

And finally, it's Thing and Torch's gay porn video!

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