Phoenix Comicon Sketches

Bloggified by Jake on Sunday, January 28, 2007

After a long two and a half days, the Phoenix Comicon is over and I can share the highlights. Or at least the sketches.

I had a few different things I was trying to accomplish. First, I had to get some sketches for my daughter. Normally, she would have been able to go with me herself, but we found out on Friday that she had strep throat. So, as she does for the out-of-town cons, she made a list of the things she would like to have in her sketchbook.

That looks something like this:So I take that list around with her sketchbook and get things like a monkey drinking a cup of tea by Phil Hester:Or Supergirl holding a lollipop by Jim Hanna:Or a dolphin leaping from a cup of tea held by Supergirl with a monkey eating a lollipop on her shoulder by Tess Fowler:Or the it's-a-shame-she's-too-young-to-appreciate-she-has-a-Mike-Mignola-sketch-some-people-would-kill-for cup of tea by Mike Mignola:Secondly, I got some sketches honoring the greatest comic ever printed, in which Jimmy Olsen and a gorilla trade brains. First, Tone Rodriguez gave me this:and Phil Hester tried and tried again to truly capture the essence of Gorilla Jimmy, trying again and again until he finally breathed life into:But considering all the things he's drawn in his life, it's always exciting to hear George Perez say "I guarantee you I have never drawn this character before!"George was particularly proud of the pun on the press pass.

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