Coloring Makes All the Difference

Bloggified by Jake on Thursday, February 1, 2007

Top Cow sent me a preview of the Witchblade Manga comic yesterday. And I know "manga" means "comic" so saying "manga comic" is like saying "comic comic," so... shut up.

It appears the idea is to take the entire 100-issue backstory of Witchblade and completely ignore it in favor of staring up the skirts of Japanese girls in school uniforms.I've read maybe one issue of Witchblade and my experience with manga is pretty much limited to some hentai that came to my attention only because someone said, "This is so fucked up! You gotta check it out!" Given these facts, I'm probably not the best person to judge the quality of this "manga comic," but I do find it more than a little disturbing the book's biggest selling point seems to be a 16-year-old girl running around without panties.

Look at this cover:Now look closer...It's not enough that her labia are barely covered by the green biomechanical-looking Witchblade stuff, does she really need cameltoe? Clearly, the artist drew this so readers could admire the heroine's tight, hairless, adolescent vulva, but the colorist is trying to convince us it's just part of the costume.

On another cover, the Witchblade costume leaves her ass completely exposed... and don't try to convince me it's a thong because if it is, it's still wedged in her crack about three inches deep.
Am I the only one struck odd by the wearing of armor that fully covers your arms, legs, and back, but that leaves, your crotch, ass, and boobs exposed?

I understand the "traditional" Witchblade has always featured a mostly-naked Sara Pezzini.But she is a fully-grown homicide detective--not a high school student--whose vagina is always covered.

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