Who Says You Can't Go Home Again?, Part 2

Bloggified by Jake on Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Okay, for the first half of this chapter, there's not much to say other than to let the Superman Melodram-ometer do its job.But then, when she falls down and hits her head running away from an escaped zoo animal, Superman falls in love with her anyway.Now in love, Superman becomes obsessed with saving Krypton. In a kind of creepy turn, we find his father, on the other hand, is obsessed with peeping on Earthlings... but not just any Earthlings.Worried that Martha is a floozy who will run off with the crooked banker, Superman uses a special rocket-powered sniper rifle to shoot a needle-sized missile at the statue, which just happens to be struck by lightning at the exact same second.What more arrogant than erecting a statue of yourself outside your crooked bank? Hiding stolen bonds inside it. What's more arrogant than that? Hiding wanted posters of yourself with the bonds. Why would you want to keep wanted posters? What good will ever come of not destroying them?

With the cops on to him, "Snark" takes Martha hostage, but Jonathan swoops in to punch "Snark" in the mouth and save the day. Reminded that he cannot change fate and that nothing he does will be able to undo the millions of deaths when Krypton explodes, Superman decides to try to change fate and save the millions of Kryptonians. Using the same rocket fuel that propelled a needle to Earth, Superman plans to build a huge rocket and shuttle Kryptonians to Earth by the thousands.

Unfortunately, there's just not enough time or manpower to build a rocket ark, but Superman solves that by building a robot capable of building a rocket ark at superspeed.

Unfortunately, despite his super perfect recall, Superman doesn't suspect anything at all could possibly go wrong when the rocket ark is built by the ultrarare super robot in Kandor.So, is there some huge rocket ship in the bottled city of Kandor? And a super robot that essentially has all of Superman's powers? Why haven't these things ever come up?

And, of course, having seen the city of Kandor whisked away, Superman takes this opportunity to mope.

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