Wondercon Sketches

Bloggified by Jake on Sunday, March 11, 2007

I promised some scans today, and I may get more up later, but since it's 1AM, I'm just going to put up the Jimmy Olsen themed ones for now.

First, I'd indicated I was thinking of getting a Tony Harris Viking Jimmy commission. I didn't get that, but Pia Guerra was sharing a table with Harris and took her shot at it.Gregg Schigiel refused to draw a Gorilla Jimmy because "monkeys are played out. They were cool like five years ago." Instead, he branched out and became the first artist to go with my suggestion of creating a new stupid situation for Jimmy to fall into by creating Bunny Jimmy.Ryan Otley, the awesome artist of the awesome Invincible took a crack at Gorilla Jimmy...... and I achieved my number one goal of the trip:Gorilla Jimmy by Art Adams!

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