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Bloggified by Jake on Thursday, August 9, 2007

Okay, it's been a week and the KISS manga hoax has been thoroughly debunked. Man, that was fun and best of all everyone seemed to have a good chuckle at it. This being the internet and all, I assumed the larger response would start with an F and end with a "you."

All along, I figured manga fans would spot the hoax since the image I photoshopped was something I found after exploring Google Image Search results for "yaoi" for about 45 seconds. Our original plan was to wait until a yaoi graphic novel got damaged at one of the stores or in shipping and draw in the make up on actual pages. That would have been harder to spot, but after four weeks of no damaged yaoi, my patience wore thin. Anyway, the real target was KISS fans. We really were hoping this would take root on some hardcore KISS fan sites and 50 year old men would cry themselves to sleep fearing their rock idols might be portrayed as doing something that might be construed as gay... or at least gayer than wearing leather, high heels, and makeup on stage.

The four biggest highlights of the week were:

4. Colleen Doran expressed her sadness that KISS Yaoi wasn't going to be a reality.

3. The copywriter who penned the yaoi solicitation from which we cribbed commented on it and was "honored" to have inspired someone... anyone really.

2. Be Beautiful Manga had to issue a statement denying it would be publishing a gay KISS manga graphic novel.

but best of all...

1. Gene Simmons (or at least the webmaster of his site posing as Gene) had to declare "Love Gun" a hoax.

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