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Bloggified by Jake on Thursday, August 2, 2007

A few months ago, KISS returned to comics for a certifiably insane story about the four guys being reincarnated warriors and philosophers who... you know... I really have no idea what the hell that whole thing is supposed to be about. What I do know is the quality of the story is immaterial. Peter Criss could take a crap in a Ziploc bag and KISS fans would buy it assuming said bag had a KISS logo on it.

Apparently sales on KISS 4K justified further foray into comics and specifically manga. At work we got a press release from Be Beautiful Manga announcing their upcoming project with KISS. Love Gun is the first of a series of planned manga graphic novels based on KISS songs. The press release goes into how manga is such a growing market and how excited the guys in the band are to introduce new fans to KISS, blah blah blah. Standard press release.

What gets kind of glossed over until you get to the end and read the description and see the cover is the nature of the manga.

Meet Gene the Demon and Paul the Starchild, two very different heirs to two very different families that have been at war as long as anyone can remember. When they meet at boarding school though, neither can deny something is drawing them together. A wild romantic odyssey is about to unfold, but the odds are stacked against this modern day Romeo and Romeo! With their resentful clans providing no support for their budding relationship, can these star-crossed lovers get behind each other to stop the long-standing family feud? KISS hits fans with a hot, new manga: LOVE GUN! Everything you love about KISS and yaoi in one thrilling graphic novel! Lick it up!

Is it safe to assume Gene Simmons, et. al. weren't adequately informed of the definition of "yaoi"?

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