Wolverine Provides Everyone's Origin

Bloggified by Jake on Thursday, October 25, 2007

I'm not sure where I stand on the current story arc of Wolverine Origins. I loved the first issue, but now things are dragging. It feels like a three issue story spread out over five for the purposes of milking and extra six bucks from you and keeping the ultimate trade paperback containing just one story instead of a collection of two or three.

The thing that's starting to bug me about this series is that we're slowly learning Logan had crossed paths with everyone in the Marvel Universe prior to becoming the Wolverine we were introduced to in Incredible Hulk #181.

I understand the appeal of having a cool twist showing how two characters have a secret history, but there comes a point where it gets overdone. For example, when Wolverine lands in North Africa during World War II and needs someone to drive him to a rendezvous, who just happens to get behind the wheel?Like the guy driving the Jeep couldn't just be some schlub? Is this going to become just a book about Wolverine crossing paths with Marvel characters before they were the characters we've come to know? Is Wolverine's real mutant power the ability to make everyone he crosses paths with famous? How long before we see:I posed this question to some of the folks in the industry and one writer (who shall remain nameless but is consistently on Wizard's top ten list) suggested if I want to read Wolverine stories about nobody characters who never develop into anyone of significance, I need look no further than the Greg Rucka run.

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