The Good Old Days

Bloggified by Jake on Friday, March 28, 2008

The next time anyone tells you about how things were better back in the good old days of the 1950's, just remember this was required viewing in public education and was produced by a government agency:

What's the deal with Jimmy getting probation around the five minute mark? Was it against the law to get molested in the 50's?

Furthermore, isn't most of the advice given in this film just good advice regardless of sexual orientation? Don't get into the car with a stranger because he might be a homosexual! How about "don't get into the car with a stranger because he's a stranger"? When some bowtie-wearing goof at the park offers you a ride home but instead drives you out into the desert, decapitates you, and leaves you for the coyotes to eat, is it less horrific knowing he doesn't enjoy musical theater or collect chotchkes?

Incidentally, there is a sister film for this, "Girls Beware." It tells the story of high school girls who get murdered, gang raped, and pregnant. On a note similar to the Jimmy probation one from above, the pregnant girl is taken away by juvenile services.

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monicajeanne said...

Jimmy finishes telling the police about the man.

"That sounds horrible, Jimmy. Thank you for sharing with us. How did you meet this man?"

"He gave me a ride home from the park."

"Hitchhiking?!? Someone get cuffs on this kid!"

Jim d said...

Surely another way to spot homosexuals is their apparent inability to dress for summer weather.

It's also worth noting that Sid Davis (the director)died of lung cancer two years ago. Perhaps he was too busy directing social guidance films on the scourge of homosexuality to see the social guidance film on Tobacco and the Human Body.

monicajeanne said...

So, from the progression in "Girls Beware", are we supposed to think that being raped and murdered is better than being gang raped and walking home, which is in turn better than having a boyfriend and getting pregnant?

Jake said...

Sure. Think about it. If you get raped and murdered, you don't have to live with the consequences of your actions. If you get gang raped without getting pregnant, your scars are all emotional and you can go back to school on Monday acting like nothing happened. But if you get pregnant, you can't pretend life is normal and everything is okay for a full nine months.

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