Irish Stew

Bloggified by Jake on Monday, March 17, 2008

Let everyone else have their corned beef and cabbage, their green beer, their "Kiss Me I'm Irish" buttons, and their McDonald's Shamrock Shakes. I will celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Ireland's greatest contribution to modern society.

I feel safe saying "Father Ted" is the one of the five funniest shows in the history of television. Only three times in my life have I watched anything that caused me to laugh so hard I had to pause it out of fear for my own safety, and two of those were times were episodes of "Father Ted."

Unfortunately, the three seasons of the show only gave us 24 episodes, the equivalent of one season of an American sitcom. In that time, though, Fathers Ted, Dougal, and Jack provided more laughs than a decade of "Family Matters," "According to Jim," and "Full House" put together.

"Father Ted" was ironically criticized for being anti-Catholic... and for being too pro-Catholic.

Here are some of my favorite clips. Poke around on YouTube and you can find some full episodes, then go pick up the whole series on DVD for less than $50.

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Tommy said...

Loved that show!
I don't think you know I'm living in Portland. Sorry to hear it didn't go well there.
Keep me posted on your doings. Your blog on "Fantasy" was hilarious.

-- Chris

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