It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Bloggified by Jake on Monday, March 31, 2008

Screw Christmachanukawanza. March through mid-April is the best time of year. If I were to name the ten best days of the year, at least five of them fall into that six-or-so week span, including today.

Ignoring the Red Sox and A's pair of games in earlier in the week and the Braves/Nationals opener last night (though let's not ignore how roundly booed President Bush was while throwing out the first pitch), baseball begins today (as does the ability to start betting on baseball). I don't want to get into all the George Will-esque philosophical waxing about how everyone has a fresh slate and this is the one day that everyone has a chance to win the World Series. For the most part, it's untrue.

Everyone knows the Red Sox and Yankees are going to make major trades at midseason to bolster themselves against one another and a handful of other teams will throw a lot of money at this year, mortgaging their futures for the hope of a pennant. A few teams will surprise the experts and make a run at the playoffs thanks to some wily veterans who'd been written off and some up-and-coming prospects who blossom earlier than expected, but ultimately we'll have the same division we see every year, with about 15% of fans rooting for the Yankees to win it all, 15% rooting for the Sawks, and 70% of us rooting that both those teams will crash and burn in a display that makes the Hindenberg look gentle by comparison.

At some point in the '90s, ESPN made Opening Day an all day event. Living in the Pacific time zone, I'll get the Blue Jays in New York starting at 10AM and can keep a steady stream of baseball on the tube until the final out of the Astros and Padres. The opening weekend of March Madness (also in the aforementioned March-to-mid-April span) is the only other day that so much concentrated coverage of a single sport.

Incidentally, the other great days in that span are the day after Easter (when Cadbury Cream Eggs drop to half price), my daughter's birthday, and whatever days I manage to make it out to a spring training game.

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