Totally Missing the Point

Bloggified by Jake on Thursday, March 27, 2008

Today I was doing revisions when I came to a note telling me to remove a key element from my denouement. It was one sentence that was foreshadowed in the second chapter and I love how it all comes together, but my agent wants it axed and suggested an alternate set up for the following scene that made no sense.

Upset, I stopped to consider how she could possibly want this sentence, which is the culmination of one of the underlying themes of the book--and the whole series for that matter--removed. I flipped through the earlier chapters to note the scenes where I had previously played out the same theme... but found them empty.

I forgot to include the key theme to my series anywhere in my novel.

That's pretty terrible. That's like writing a biography of Thomas Edison and neglecting to mention that he invented anything.

Anyway, I'm working scenes in that will hopefully make that last sentence in that penultimate scene make sense.

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