Friending Your Way to the White House

Bloggified by Jake on Monday, June 23, 2008

Over the weekend I signed up to volunteer at and created a profile page. At first, I was impressed with how much information you can find at the page, especially about local events and defenses against the Republican smears. But as soon as I created my profile, I noticed the points tally on my page. Every time I joined a group or invited some friends to sign up, I earned points that moved me up the rankings.

This could not be good.

Sure enough, today I started getting a flood of friend requests from people like this douche who obviously just auto-friends everyone and joins every group as it's created. According to the site, only 17 other people are more supportive of Barack Obama's candidacy than Rafat Farooqui.

I wonder if Michelle Obama is one of them.

Another annoying trend is the masses of people who start their names with exclamation points because it will get them listed first by the alphabetical ordering. I really look forward to Obama's Election Day acceptance speech where he acknowledges that he couldn't have done it without "! ! ! A A Big Dick 69" filling ten thousand people's inboxes with unwanted friend requests.

Seriously? Is our political process so inane that our next president's website is basically Friendster but not quite as emo?

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