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Bloggified by Jake on Monday, June 9, 2008

I was going through an old blog I wrote back before blogs were anything anyone really did. In fact, it was just a website where I had to create new HTML pages for each post.

The following quote is from November 3, 2000:
What do you think the odds are Gore will win the popular vote and Bush will win the electoral and somehow the government will try to sell us on how "the system works?"

Sometimes it really sucks being right all the time.

This is another piece from a two weeks earlier:
No self-respecting member of my generation will waste their time voting. Our grandparents' generation believed in government and thought it was good. Our parents' generation saw Kennedy assassinated, American sent to Vietnam, and Watergate, though they held out hope of recovery since government had just started to sour and might be able to turn things around. My generation has never known a time when the government was not bloated, self-serving, oppressive, and corrupt. We know it can't be changed and we realize the flowery "one vote can make a difference" gibberish is a load. The only people who vote do it because Busta Rhymes told them to Rock The Vote on MTV and they are slack-jawed lemmings who buy N'Sync and whatever other CDs Carson Daly tells them to spend their hard earned dollars on for the same reason.

Wow, a Busta Rhymes reference.

Wouldn't it be cool if Barack Obama got elected and was actually able to clean house and make the federal government serve the people instead of the corporations? How exactly will the Republicans screw that up?

I'm guessing by breaking three out of every four voting machines in California.

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