Bruce Wayne Comes Home

Bloggified by Jake on Thursday, August 7, 2008

About four years ago, I came up with the idea for this commission. The idea then branched out into a sketch book I took to San Diego. The theme was "Transitions," and all the sketches were of heroes and villains in some state of transition from one identity to the other. For example, Superman ripping open his shirt to reveal the "S" on his chest, Wally West's Flash suit popping out of his ring, or Spider-Man pulling his mask over his face.

Lee, who wasn't doing commissions that year because of a screw up with his California tax paperwork, did a sketch of Bruce Wayne wearing the suit without the headpiece (Lee made it clear he doesn't draw a cowl) pulling on one of the gloves. Unfortunately, another artist, who shall remain nameless, took my sketchbook to do a piece in it and failed to finish by Sunday evening, so he took the book home with him and has taunted me every time he's seen me since with the fact that he still has my book. So two years ago, when I got a chance to land a Bermejo commission, I went with the Punisher, assuming I might finally get my sketchbook back one day.

A year later, I still didn't have my sketchbook--and even if I did, I still would have wanted a more thorough, full-blown commission of Batman suiting up by Lee Bermejo. I got on his commission list in the sixth slot. He completed five commissions at San Diego in 2007, but got started on mine. He promised he would finish and bring it the following year.

Unfortunately, I couldn't go to San Diego this year (for the first time in seven years), so I sent the money with a friend. On Thursday, I got a call from the con floor. Lee had forgotten the piece at his parents' house and would have to ship it. He apologized and assured me it looked great and that he'd taken the time to put in the Batcave and Alfred.

I pictured a vague silhouette of a guy in a tux and a hint of some rocks... and still I was thrilled since you so rarely get a background of any kind on pieces like this. When it arrived yesterday, I was speechless. This is easily the nicest piece in my collection, and I'm pretty proud of my collection.

So I guess what I'm saying is I have a man crush on Lee Bermejo.

4 sarcastic replies:

Jason said...

That is just a beautiful piece of art. Thanks for sharing.

Evolution Studios said...

Jeez Jake! I had no idea you had so much stuff. I'm quite the idiot for not taking advantage more of where I work to get sketches... I only have about a dozen total.

Jake said...

Actually, working at Atomic put a dent in my collecting. I didn't really get any sketches while I was working there. And in San Diego in 2007, while my friends were all getting their sketchbooks filled and setting up commissions, I was trying to co-host Nerdvana on and sitting in Diamond meetings.

Joe B said...

That's REALLY bad-ass. I absolutely love how he makes the suit look like real armor and fabric, rather than spandex.

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