History Detectives Theme Song

Bloggified by Jake on Saturday, August 30, 2008

One of my favorite shows lately is "History Detectives" on PBS. Every episode gives me inspiration for some kind of writing.

However, the music over the opening credits--a portion which shows up in the end of the above video--is always a bit distracting. They use Elvis Costello's reggae-inspired "Watching the Detectives" as a theme song, which seems an obvious case of some video editor plugging "detectives song title" into Google and using any song he could find with the word "detectives" in the chorus.

When you first see the video introduction of the four history nerds (and I say that with all due respect and as a amateur history nerd myself) and hear "Watching the detectives..." it makes sense. Then you get "I get so angry when the teardrops start! But he can't be wounded 'cause he's got no heart!" and things go off the rails a little. Here's the full song if you want to listen to it.

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lrcarlson said...

Intersting...I'm not familiar with Elvis Costello, and had never heard the theme song before, so to me it seemed very appropriate, and I always associate the song with the show!

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