Mama Biden

Bloggified by Jake on Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So much was made of how Obama's daughters talking to their dad on stage was the highlight of Monday's convention. Tonight, I think the pundits will be remiss if they fail to acknowledge Joe Biden's mother's talking to the woman beside her during his speech. Specifically, when he said, "And when kids who were bigger than me knocked me down, my mother told me 'Go back out there and bloody their noses so you can walk down the street tomorrow," his mother gasped and told the woman to her left, "That's true."

Like the Obama girls, she showed a flash of being genuine and unscripted during an event where everything is staged down to where speakers will take a sip of water and it did more to illustrate Joe Biden's hardscrabble roots than an hour long DNC video and thirty speeches from the Democratic elite ever could.

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