Why Does Anyone Watch Bravo?

Bloggified by Jake on Thursday, August 21, 2008

At what point did someone at Bravo decide there was a demand among viewers for 24-hour programming of "shows about people who are complete jerks but still make more in a month than you'll see in your entire lifetime." Between E! and Bravo, Karl Marx must be spinning in his grave.

"Wo ist der Revolution?! Lazy Amerikanerin!"

I have yet to have ever seen a show--and unfortunately the only reason I ever see any such shows is when I'm passing through the room and my girlfriend is watching them (and completely unable to justify why she is watching them)--where the "stars" are not narcissistic morons who treat everyone around them like crap and turn into raving sociopaths whenever anyone dares to suggest they are anything less than perfect. Any presidential candidate who promised an ethnic cleansing beginning with real housewives of Orange County would get my vote.

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