Unwater Rafting

Bloggified by Jake on Monday, September 8, 2008

Imagine being trapped in a cave in.

The rest of the people with you start to dig at the rubble and demand that you to join them.

But you are certain you heard the sound of rushing water. There must be an underground river somewhere deeper within the tunnels. If you go further into the caves and and find that river, you could build a raft and follow it to wherever it exits.

The chances of finding the river are slim at best. And the only materials you have to build a raft are the beams supporting the roof of the very tunnel where you're standing. That also means you have to build the raft first and drag it with you on the search for the river.

But you also know that digging with the rest of the group is a losing proposition too. They'll all be digging until their dying days, but they'll never get out.

So, do you build the raft and go deeper into the cave or give up that foolhardy plan and toil with the rest?

I am stuck where I am and am convinced the only way out is to write. Write more, write often. I have my part time job that is slowly evolving into a full time job and it's severely hampering my ability and availability to write. And the only thing more frustrating than internal writer's block is being blocked from writing by external forces.

So in the analogy above, I find myself digging with everyone else, knowing it's pointless and longing to build my raft and take off, but unable to commit. (If I didn't have kids, this would be a much easier decision to make.)

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Ken said...

You will always have children, responsibilities, and commitments. You will always have good reasons not to take a risk, like writing. And it's important you consider your kids' needs, and great that you do.

But the only way it's going to happen is if you step out and make it happen.

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