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Bloggified by Jake on Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My sister sent me this picture to remind me why I take my kids to a Montessori school in downtown Phoenix. Some days I can spend more than two hours driving nearly fifty miles just to take and pick up the kids, but if I didn't this is the school a mile and a half down the road where they would be going.It's also notable that South Mountain High, which is just up the road, has a scrolling marquee that has said, "Year II: Jaguar's Doin' It Again" since school started in August. Every time I drive past I am tempted to call the office and ask, "You realize you are a place of learning, right? Is there one single jaguar who is doing something again? Or is it possessive like a jaguar somehow owns 'doing it again'? Or are you just illustrating to the world why none of your students should be given a job that doesn't involve lifting heavy objects and or cleaning areas otherwise occupied and used by graduates of better schools?"

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