Lessons from Encyclopedia Brown, 121-150

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121. No hot dog lover would put the sauerkraut on before the mustard!
122. George Washington had false teeth, so he couldn't have owned that toothbrush!
123. At noon, the sun is directly overhead, so people cast very short shadows!
124. A Major League umpire never turns his back on the crowd when he dusts off home plate!
125. 577345 looks like "ShELLS" when read upside-down on a calculator!*
126. Peacocks don't lay eggs; peahens do!
127. Peahens don't have brightly colored feathers; peacocks do!
128. Standard Roman numerals use "IV" for the number 4! However, jewelers use "IIII"!
129. Cockroaches always die on their backs!
130. The painting from the first session had two bananas, but the paintings from the second session had one! That means the banana was stolen between the two sessions, before the accused arrived!
131. January's birthstone is the garnet!
132. Only someone who already knew the body was on the floor could have avoided stepping over it in the dark!
133. He couldn't have used the sun's rays to start a fire at the Arctic Circle on Christmas Even because the sun disappears from the far north from October until March!
134. Cyanide makes the muscles go limp, so there's no way he could have continued to hold that bottle!
135. The car radio's presets were still set to Chicago stations!
136. He claimed to have slipped in the mud, but his pants were spotless!
137. The two year old suit shouldn't have fit if he'd put on 70 pounds in the last seven months.
138. Baseball and horseshoes both use the term "innings!"
139. No woman receiving her first mink would put it immediately into storage! She would try it on and purr over it!
140. 90% of male cab riders give the address before they sit down; 99% of females give the address after sitting!
141. The Star-Spangled Banner didn't become the national anthem until 1931!
142. During Lincoln's presidency, there was no national anthem!
143. He couldn't have known from his watch how long he'd been unconscious in the windowless room because it could have been noon or midnight!
144. Walking into a warm house on a freezing day would have caused his glasses to steam over!
145. A seagull always takes off into the wind!
146. At the end of a marathon, a runner's calves will have increased by an inch or more in circumference.
147. The best place to find fingerprints on a stolen car isn't the steering wheel, but the driver's side window, and a real fingerprint expert would know that!
148. To build a scale model of the universe with the Earth being a half-inch in diameter, the nearest star would still be 20,000 miles away!
149. If the seasoned secretary had written the note, she wouldn't have written "accidently" instead of "accidentally," "bad" instead of "badly," nor "stationary" instead of "stationery."
150. There are dozens of Portlands, yet she knew her uncle had been in Oregon!

*I like to think Sobel's editor made him change this after his first draft had the calculator reading 58008918 to implicate the large chested woman as the kidnapper.

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