Lessons from Encyclopedia Brown, 151-175

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151. Paramedics always load patients into an ambulance head first!
152. He claimed the dead mosquitoes had been on the ground for an hour, but the ants were just coming out of their hole six feet away and hadn't found the mosquito bodies yet!
153. Since the boy standing on his head could read the newspaper, the man holding it wasn't really reading it and must have been a lookout!
154. He claimed not to know anything about tennis, yet he knew there were three balls in a can!
155. Cats have five toes on their front paws, but only four on the back!
156. Since the thief had stolen the lox and bagel as well, they watched the drinking fountain to see who made multiple trips!
157. "Misled" is not the past tense of "misle!"
158. The sweater was reversible!
159. The first letter of each month from July through November spealls "JASON."
160. If he'd really driven over the lucky axe handle accidentally, there would have been two tracks from the front and rear tires!
161. Ambergris floats on top of the water!
162. He couldn't have dialed the phone with his boxing gloves on!
163. A horseman gets on and off his horse on the left side, never the right!
164. After six months, the apple cider should have fermented!
165. You can't put anything between pages 157 and 158 of a book because they are printed on opposite sides of the same page!
166. Something written in red ink couldn't be seen under a red light!
167. With the taller guy standing on the shorter guy's shoulders instead of vice versa, they could reach higher due to the taller guy's arms being longer!
168. When he heard her say "panes" in reference to the glass, he thought she said "pains" and suggested she see a doctor!
169. Bugs Meaney said the only time he'd seen the fans was when they were plugged in and running, yet he knew they had four blades!
170. All the words on the list are the names of the competitors with the first letter missing!
171. He claimed he hadn't yet counted the food donations, yet he knew how many candy bars had been stolen!
172. Seventeen feet of natural fiber rope could shrink by up to a foot in length when it gets wet!
173. Airplane passengers exit on the left, sometimes the rear, but never the right!
174. All they told told him was that the sock was full of change, yet he knew it was all in quarters!
175. She claimed not to have seen the burglar, yet she screamed before the shots were fired!

#151-159 (as well as #121 from the last list) all come from Encyclopedia Brown and the Midnight Visitor. Now that I've compiled them, I feel safe declaring Encyclopedia Brown and the Midnight Visitor the worst of all the Encyclopedia Brown books. So bad, in fact, it might warrant a blog post explaining what some of these mean. Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Sleeping Dog which gives us #166-174 may have had the laziest clues of any book. Seriously? "Hey, I wrote something in red and when he shined a flashlight with a red bulb on it, the words were invisible!" "I was just about to count this stuff when I got distracted and when I turned around, 43 candy bars were gone!" It's like you stopped trying, Sobel!

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