Lessons from Encyclopedia Brown, 176-205

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With this, I have exhausted all the Encyclopedia Brown books at the closest library branch. I'm going to have to hit the one near work to see if they have any of the volumes I've missed.

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176. By asking for four tubes of toothpaste, he guaranteed the victim couldn't use the express lane at the grocery store, giving him plenty of time to steal the painting! (That's a little far fetched, but I guess I can live with that.)
177. If the towel been dropped in the river and left to dry outside, it would have been stiff! Since it was soft and fluffy, it must have been dried in an electric dryer!
178. If they'd been setting off the firecrackers, the birds on the wires would have flown away!
179. The boy who said the girls mismatched clothes "would even show up" in the photograph was the one who switched the film in the camera so no one would ever see the photo of his drugging the dog at the Ugliest Dog competi--you know what? Screw it.
180. Tears come from the inside of the eye and roll down the cheek near the nose, not the outside!
181. The rooster simply had been in the dark and when he came out thought the setting sun was the rising sum and crowed! He wasn't being mentally controlled by the device designed by the high school dropout! (Wait... what the...?_
182. The girl had a jar of peanut butter in her bag, but no knife to spread it! That's because she was a champion bubble gum bubble blower and not just a random person off the stree--what is this crap? This book is terrible!
183. He said he'd never seen the suitcase, but then said the innocent woman had a "yellow suitcase" just like the one that was stolen!
184. The boy who'd been given a hotfoot jumped around wailing but never took off his shoes because he feared everyone would see the holes in his socks where his big toes stuck out, giving him the distinct "mitten-like" footprints that were left behind by the person who stole the decoy notebook with a fake menu for raising a super-strong pig even though at the time he got the hot foot, no one even suspected the notebook had been stolen or had seen the footpr--Jesus Christ! This is unbearable!
185. A person walking past the concert hall would have assumed the song being played was "I've Been Working on the Railroad!" Only someone who'd been inside to read the program would have known it was "Eyes of Texas!"
186. An American walking past the concert hall would assumed the song being played was "My Country Tis of Thee!" Only someone who'd been inside to read the program would have known it was a British orchestra playing "God Save the Queen!"
187. Ducks need gravity to swallow their food, so they can't be astronauts!
188. The second judge made sure she had a glass of water ready before tasting the sabotaged cookies while the others had to get one after, so she was in on it!
189. George Washington didn't sign the Declaration of Independence!
190. The jewel thief wasn't drinking the onion juice, but using it to write letters to his accomplice in invisible ink telling her where he'd hidden the jewels!
191. Lewis Carroll doesn't spell his name "Louis Carol!"
192. Bugs said he's caught them "red-handed," yet the money was still on the shelf! (Way to split hairs there, Encyclopedia!)
193. If the thief had climbed down the tree, all the butterflies would have flown away!
194. There was glass on the pedestal, indicating the baseball was missing before the case was broken!
195. Only the person who had pulled up the wall-to-wall carpet would have known there was "a damp floor" underneath!
196. The experienced carpenter was fumbling with his tools because he was left-handed but had stolen the apron of the right-handed foreman who'd been putting money into the pocket all morning!
197. The place setting at a Chinese restaurant doesn't include a knife!
198. Geese are all dark meat!
199. The girl who grabbed ketchup was the thief because only the thief could know he was making French fries!
200. The pinata stuffed with candy would weigh more than an empty one!
201. Only the thief would have known he was shopping for a gift for his mother, so the girl who heard "Did you get your mother's gift?" at the birthday party and asked, "Yes, what did you get her?" instead of assuming they were talking about the birthday gift he received from his moth--aw, just forget it.
202. The Liberty Bell wasn't cracked until 1835!
203. The garlic bread thieves might have covered up the smell on their breath by chewing parsley, but their hands still smelled like garlic!
204. If his five-foot-tall wife was the last person to drive the car, the six-five man would have had to adjust the seat when getting in... but he didn't!
205. When the captain heard his pirated ship was "at Anchorage," he should have heard "at anchorage" and asked "Where?"! Instead, he knew it was in Alaska because he was in on it.

God, the wordplay ones are the worst...

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TonyDuMont said...

201 came from The Case of the Oven Mitt, where a store was robbed as a boy was buying a gift for his mother. So when the thief asked "What did you get her?" she knew, unlike the other suspects, what could only be known by someone at the scene of the crime. Unless the other guests also knew of his mother's birthday.

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