Lessons from Encyclopedia Brown, 221-255

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I stopped by the Cesar Chavez Branch of the library and grabbed all the books I couldn't find at the main branch. I think I'm still missing one because I remember my cousin, Jack, owned it. One day, as we sat in his room in probably 1983 or so, he pretended to read said book, stopping to announce how obvious the solutions were. The one I remember was, "Well, anyone who knows anything about balance knows the answer to this one! It's so simple! Someone who is knocked unconscious falls forward, not backward!" So, in short, my cousin thought he could impress and condescend to me by pretending to solve Encyclopedia Brown mysteries on the spot even though I knew he owned the book and had read it before.

My point is that Jack is a douche who's always tried to compensate for the fact his parents didn't love him.

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221. He claimed never to have met "Al" before, yet he knew "Al" was short for Algernon!
222. The car was new, but the tires were old because he'd removed and sold them before purposely wrecking the car for the insurance money!
223. He couldn't have run out the back door without breaking the huge spider web across it!
224. He lit a match on the bottom of his shoe, so he couldn't have walked through the puddles!
225. The twin who finished the pie eating contest wasn't the same one who won the race because the race winner didn't have stained, blue teeth!
226. His fingerprints weren't found anywhere in the apartment... not even on the phone which he'd used to call the police and report the murder, proving he'd been wearing gloves and was, in fact, the murderer!
227. He couldn't have counted a half-million one-peso bills in an evening!
228. With the hood up, he couldn't have seen anything going on under the hood from the passenger seat!
229. First he said the hinges were on the outside of the door, but then said the door swung inward!
230. He couldn't have hit his knee on the coffee table, as he'd claimed, without knocking over the house of cards that still stood upon it.
231. A man that large, carrying a 100-pound statue, would have pulled the bed away from the wall when he climbed down the makeshift rope of tied sheets tied to the footboard.
232. The fake glass necklace would have shattered when the thieves threw it on the floor, so this must be the real diamond one!
234. At noon, the sun is directly overhead so running backwards wouldn't have kept the sun out of his eyes!
235. Digital watches give you time to precise minutes!
236. Revolving doors turn counter-clockwise!
237. There were tire tracks in the firebreak, indicating the tractor driver had come back and driven across it after plowing it the first time.
238. A dead fish would float!
239. By returning with the right sized wrenches, he proved he was the one who'd loosened the bolts in the first place!
240. Forty is the only number whose letters are all in alphabetical order!
241. One is the only number whose letters are all in reverse-alphabetical order!
242. She'd split her lip in the bike accident, so she couldn't have been practicing her trumpet!
243. Tightening the cap on the water bottle kept the rest of the water from dripping out the whole because of air pressure!
244. If you drop a dollar bill and a coin at the same time, the coin will land first!
245. He combed his hair differently, then hid the comb!
246. He was twisting the stem on his watch with his left hand, so the watch was upside-down!
247. The wind was blowing in off the water, so the articles clipped from the newspaper wouldn't have gone into the ocean!
248. The barefoot thieves were running along the lines painted on the parking lot because they were cooler than the blacktop!
249. There are four quarts in a gallon!
250. There are five quarts in an Imperial Canadian gallon!
251. There are an inordinate number of mysteries in Idaville that involve slipping dogs tranquilizers so another dog can win some pointless contest!
252. All the words given are palindromes, hinting that Bob and Anna are the guilty parties!
253. Only three words in the English language end with "ceed": succeed, proceed, and exceed!
254. Cheese overheats a white mouse's blood!
255. If the power had really been out for four days, the ice cubes in the freezer would have melted!

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