Lessons from Encyclopedia Brown, 91-120

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91. A police man always wears his badge on the left side, over his heart, never the right!
92. If a men's shirt has just one pocket, that pocket is on the left side, never the right!
93. Not only is the stamp missing, so is the magnifying glass! The thief must be the man dresses as Sherlock Holmes!
94. She shouted, "All right, I'm coming!" when she heard them banging on the pantry door, but unless she already knew they were locked inside, she would have assumed they were just banging it trying to get in, not out!
95. He claims he'll be jumping on a flight to Brazil in an hour and won't be back for three years... yet he just dropped off his shoes to be repaired and has a claim ticket to pick them up in two days!
96. The note is a forgery because a math teacher would never say "divide by half," he would say "divide by two!"
97. If the worm had crawled the length of the tube five times, it would have finished on the opposite end of the tube!
98. The king of hearts is the one without a mustache!
99. When a man and a woman sit at a table for two by the wall, good manners call for the woman to face out so she can see and be seen!
100. Lobsters don't turn red until after they've been cooked!
101. His story claimed she'd stole the film off the projector before he'd had a chance to rewind it, so it should have been upside down and backwards!
102. A full moon is never seen in the western sky at night!
103. No one would pack leather gloves to visit Idaville in the summer!
104. She would never file her nails after washing dishes, showering, or bathing because the softened nails would split and peel!
105. By letting the book fall open freely, it always opened to the chapter on Ted Williams, the thief's favorite baseball player!
106. She purposely threw the contest! She's a bookkeeper, yet when asked to think of a word with three consecutive double letters, she couldn't think of "bookkeeper!"
107. He was leaving on his motorcycle when they'd seen him, not arriving! Otherwise, the long cigar ash would have blown off!
108. The water in the photo was dripping straight down off the fish, yet if he'd been alive, it would have been splashing water in every direction!
109. The moon moves across the night sky, so if he'd been looking at it two hours earlier, his telescope would no longer have the moon in its sights!
110. She wrote the right words, but not the right punctuation!
111. Shoes don't come in quarter sizes! It must be hidden in a hat box!
112. The "quick brown fox" sentence on the back indicated whoever wrote the note was testing his typewriter, either because it was new or because he'd just had it repaired!
113. He couldn't have disturbed her by jingling the silver dollar in his pocket because there was nothing else in his pocket to jingle it against!
114. "Legible," "tormentor," "headache," "edited," and "onion" all have the same letters at the beginnings and ends of the words, just like "eraser" which is where the money is hidden!
115. You can't wear a petticoat under toreador pants!
116. If April 13th was Friday the 13th, April Fool's Day would be on a Sunday and banks are closed on Sundays!
117. He claimed not to have had any contact with the victim for several days, yet knew to jump over the freshly painted front steps and knocked on the window instead of the freshly painted door!
118. A right handed man takes his right leg out of his pants first when undressing!
119. A right handed man puts his left leg into his pants first when dressing!
120. Hebrew is read "back to front," so he would have turned the pages with his left hand, not his right!

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