Looking Over My 80's Sunglasses

Bloggified by Jake on Saturday, August 8, 2009

The 1980's are notable for being perhaps the most arrogant decade in human history. Flush with the selfishness of the 1970's, the 80's went a step further by being just as selfish, but being really proud of it. For ten years, all that mattered was that you dressed better or made more money or snorted more cocaine or had more unprotected anal sex with Haitian IV drug users than anyone else. That was how you won.

But as arrogant as the decade that ushered in the look of popped collars on Izod shirts was, the single most arrogant thing to come of the 80's had to be "breaking the fourth wall by looking at the audience over the top of sunglasses."This pose, a hand lightly touching the temple of a pair of sunglasses lowered ever-so-slightly accompanied by a knowing, "I'm too cool for anything to really bother me" look toward the viewer, summarizes 3653 days of the 1980's better than any historian could. For some reason, in movies from the era, this:is considered an appropriate denouement. No need to explain how a character was going to get out of a sticky situation. Don't bother going into detail about the convoluted means that will be employed to make everything okay again. Just shoot the audience one of these:and hit play on the "Oh, Yeah" by Yello tape in the boom box. Audiences accepted that glance as an assurance everything was going to work out just fine. Let's see a bandanna tied around someone's thigh or a pair of mismatched Converse do that!

Sadly, times have changed. Try to pull off this look today and while you think you look like this:the rest of the world is seeing this:

2 sarcastic replies:

De said...

Is that Ron Perlman in that last pic?

Jake said...

No, nobody that cool. It's Sports Illustrated's Peter King.

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