The Nash Interviews

Bloggified by Jake on Friday, September 18, 2009

In 1998, Steve Nash was years away from becoming "Two-Time NBA MVP Steve Nash." He was a second year point guard on a team that also had Jason Kidd and Kevin Johnson. He wound up coming off the bench most of the season and would be traded away to Dallas the following year.

Fortunately, my friend Rick and I were able to get media credentials to any Suns home game because we were two of the sports reporters for ASU NewsWatch, the campus newscast at Arizona State. But because the show was only shot one day a week, we didn't really need to do highlights. Instead, we'd go to shoot stories to pad our resume tapes and, more often than not, we'd head down there just for the free food in the press room and a closer-than-a-courtside-seat seat, sitting on the floor behind the basket.

The highlight of the season was meeting Nash. He was a young, down-to-earth guy who gave us honest answers, but also was sarcastic and dry witted. He was always willing to give us an interview, unlike some people I could mention. I don't want to mention any names, but there was a night that a player whose name rhymed with "Clifford Robinson" left the locker room without his pants rather than talk to us. Five minutes later, some Suns employee came to get his pants out of the locker for him.

Below is a collection of highlights from our Steve Nash interviews, where you'll learn about the first night he fouled out, the rules about farting on the bench, trying to run over KJ with his car, and an admission that the NBA's relentless hype of the WNBA wears on even the guys in the league.

Oh, and when we talk about "Horatio," that's Horatio Llamas, the 12th-man center on the Suns that year.

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