My Facebook Friends' Friends Are Idiots, Part 2

Bloggified by Jake on Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One of the worst things about Facebook is that it allows people to get a quick snippet of your life to see what is happening at the moment that you updates, and in getting this glimpse, these people feel intimately involved. Unfortunately, for most of these people, reading whatever your most recent update said is all the research they are willing to do. And when contradicting information has been included in previous updates, their attempt to look caring and intimately involved in your life is revealed to be nothing more than a meaningless ping to remind you that they exist.

Case in point:
A friend is visiting Disneyworld with his family. When they arrived on Monday, he commented on the weather.

The next day, a storm hit.

Two hours later, the rain finally stopped.

To this point, what's the one aspect of his trip that we are all well aware of? That the weather sucks. So, of course...

"Hope the weather's good. I really give a shit about you, your family, and your vacation, but not enough to bother reading back to what you said two hours earlier. Remember me when you're Christmas shopping!"

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