More Highlights of Talking to a Mad Man

Bloggified by Jake on Monday, December 7, 2009

Bumped into my crazy born again Christian (redundant) neighbor while outside. He was a little hesitant at first and admitted that he'd told "my wife" (who is not my wife) about our previous encounter. Theresa had told me about this, saying that three different times he'd tried to talk with her while she was walking to the mail box, desperate to inform her--in case she was unaware--that "Jake doesn't believe in the bible or Jesus."

Any, way, despite the rain starting to come down, he shared the following:

1. America is the bitch queen. All other nations bow to her and work for her. She is the mother of all harlots.

2. The Catholic Church will soon pay off America's debts. After which, anyone who is marked will be able to get a free house or truck.

3. We were better off with a white president. Obama wants to bring the troops home from Afghanistan. Bush would never do that. We should never stop fighting there.

And my favorite:

4. Abraham Lincoln, the first president, told people that the world is round. Before that, they all thought it was square. No, wait, who was it? George Washington? (I suggested maybe he was thinking of Christopher Columbus.) Yes, Christopher Columbus, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln, they were all original men.

Seriously, how can you have that many bible verses memorized, but not know who the first president of the United States was?

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