My Naked TV Apperance

Bloggified by Jake on Saturday, February 13, 2010

Back in 2002, my general manager took me off the air for a month or two in an effort to make me and my fellow sports anchor, Scott Rossman, miserable enough to quit. However, my news director found ways to get me on the air doing feature stories in which I didn't actually appear. My motivation for most of them was to piss off my GM. Since Jack, the news director, was kind of fed up with the GM as well, he thoroughly enjoyed using me as a not-so-silent weapon.

One morning during spring break, Jack brought me a press release about a promotional booth Calgon was running on the beach. The "Ultimate Shower" offered the opportunity to shower with a model (and learn all about Calgon products). I decided to make it all about pissing off our ultra-conservative viewers by being news on small town television.

We did get complaints about the story, but not because of my nudity. People called to say the girls were "nasty." When producer Rebecca pointed out, "You do realize they were wearing bikinis while Jake was naked," no one seemed to care.

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