It's Not Sexism, It's Palinism

Bloggified by Jake on Monday, April 5, 2010

NPR's Michel Martin and Cokie Roberts have taken a stupid, sexist comment by two right-wing douchebags and are treating it as if it has any bearing on society as a whole.

To recap, Fox News's Chris Wallace was on Don Imus's show--in related news, Don Imus is still not only alive, but on the air somewhere, AND people listen to him--when Imus make a joke about Wallace interviewing Sarah Palin while she sat on his lap. Wallace jokingly replied, "One can only hope."

Roberts--and in turn Martin--made the point that Imus and Wallace wouldn't talk about a male colleague that way and turned the subject to the way that women are not taken as seriously as men and that sexualized treatment of women is more accepted by mainstream society than is the sexualized treatment of men. Unfortunately, they have missed the point of Imus and Wallace's exchange entirely.

It is correct that Imus and Wallace would not speak of a male colleague in that way. After all, they aren't attracted to their male colleague's because they are strong, red state, American males without a drop of the gay in their blood! But it should also be noted they aren't talking about Cokie Roberts or Michel Martin they way they talk about Sarah Palin either.

This is because Roberts and Martin are serious journalists with professional chops that cannot be dismissed by their looks. Imus and Wallace have enough respect for Roberts and Martin to disagree with them on a matter of principle instead of reducing everything they say to a matter of how hot they are. They would consider Roberts and Martin to truly be "colleagues" and wouldn't disrespect either by reducing her merely to a piece of ass.

You can extrapolate from that what Imus and Wallace--and for that matter the Republican Party, Fox News, and Tea Partiers--really think of Sarah Palin, and that is the real story about their "sit on my lap" comments.

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