The Fantastic Four in Prison Break

Bloggified by Jake on Monday, May 15, 2006

The season finale of Prison Break will air tonight. The entire season has been a story of intense, thorough planning as a group of prisoners try to get out of a high security prison. In the spirit of that, I thought I'd examine Fantastic Four #2 and its prison break scene.

Much like Michael Scofield's brother, Reed Richards and his team are the victims of an elaborate ruse that puts them behind bars in a high security government facility. In the case of the show, Lincoln is accused of murdering the vice president's brother, who isn't actually dead; in the comic, the FF is accused of a series of crimes committed in broad daylight by what were actually Skrulls in the form of the team members. Invisible Girl is accused of stealing a ten-million dollar diamond. Thing is seen destroying a oil rig. Human Torch melts a marble statue without giving the people standing near it as much as a sunburn.Mr. Fantastic's hand is spotten flipping off the one switch that controls the entire New York City power supply.Thus we are given a glimpse of the current Civil War storyline when the government declares the FF a threat to society due to their powers and herds them into specially designed prison cells without any kind of trial.Knowing their innocence can only be proven if they can escape and find the true culprits, the Four push their minds to the limit to devise a plan of escape.Quickly it becomes apparent the government didn't think too hard when putting together these "specially contructed private cells" when we learn the Torch is in an aesbestos-lined room.Hang on, didn't Torch just point out that "any room--no matter how tightly sealed--must have an air vent"? Why doesn't Reed just slip through the air vent? Perhaps the government realized that would be like an open door and actually made an airtight cell for Reed. In that case, they probably should have tested it to make sure it's actually airtight. Reed does, in fact, find a pinhole and slips through a few molecules at a time.

Having already exhausted himself coming up with two impossible escape scenarios, Stan gets even lazier for the last two.How did this idea develop?

Stan: Hmm, okay... so if they put the Thing into a regular cell, he could just punch through the wall and escape... so they'll have to make a cell with extra thick walls--
Jack: Made of reenforced steel!
Stan: Right! Something so thick and strong there's no way he can just punch his way out. He's going to have to use his head to get out of this one.
Jack: Alright, so how does he get out.
(Uncomfortable silence)
Stan: Uhhh...
Jack: He could hit it... several times?
Stan: Works for me!

But this is nothing compared to Sue's brilliant plan.Apparently these soldiers were led to believe "Invisible Girl" was one of those reverse nicknames like calling a fat guy "Slim" or a tall guy "Tiny."

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