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Bloggified by Jake on Monday, August 9, 2010

Something KeK1974 said in the comments on my last post brought back a flashback to my time in Florida that helps again to explain the narrow-minded, myopic point of view that plagues small towns. She noted that when he moved to Wewahitchka, she was afforded "celebrity status," merely because she was someone new in a town full of people who largely know one another from birth through death and don't meet many other people.

It reminded me of how many people were shocked to hear I had packed up whatever I could fit in a pick up truck and moved to Panama City Beach without ever having visited Florida before in my entire life. The closest I'd ever been prior to the day I moved into my apartment was driving through Arkansas when we moved to Arizona at the age of nine. I could not have gotten a more surprised reaction if I'd told them I'd previously lived on the third moon of Saturn. For so many, the very idea of picking up, living somewhere else, making new friends, finding a new job, and starting a new life was as unthinkable as having their brains transplanted into a dog.

Perhaps most surprising was when I talked about moving back to Phoenix after my daughter was born, and Theresa informed me--much to my surprise--that I hated my family. Even after being together almost a year, she was under the impression that the only reason one would move 2000 miles away from one's family would be hatred. If I loved my mom and dad and sister, I never could have ventured further than Tucson.

At this point, I'm belaboring the idea that such small town ideals stunt the growth of those who live there, but the fact that such an idea is so ingrained into the community that the woman bearing my child, with whom I've been closer than I have been to anyone else, couldn't even consider the possibility that I loved my own mother says a lot about how such values prevent each ensuing generation from achieving any level of greatness.

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KeK1974 said...

I can completely understand and empathize with your view point. But you have it all wrong...

BTW...how can I contact you personally?

outnthestix said...

It seems that you have a problem with this guy in a small Bible belt type town. The things you value are different from the things he values. So ignorance is defined as lack of knowledge, information, or education; the state of being ignorant
For you to stereotype anyone you don't know means you too are ignorant. Just because this guy lives in a town like this does not mean he is prejudice, hangs out at the IGA, or even hunts deer. So for you to label him this way without knowing him is wrong. Furthermore if he is talking to some woman late at night and she is not your significant other then what do you care? If she is willing to talk to him that becomes their business. He believes in his God, works for a living, enjoys his life and values friends. Some people are just that way. Some people would rather travel the world and see everything there is to see in the world. Some people would rather stay in the town they love and enjoy life the way their parents and grandparents taught them too.
I have read that you are a children's author. I for one would not want my children reading things written by someone who is so hypocritical. You say you want to experience new things maybe you should go to a small town and exercise your brain by learning what the attraction really is in these towns. These people love these places for a reason. I would like to know exactly where did you grow up?
Is there anything to be said that this guy seems to be a hard working individual? He seems to be a family man no matter what he talks about on the phone. The, friends for life thing is true to some people. That’s the ones you can count on. It seems that you are threatened by this man as well. If this is so why would you be threatened by a dumbshit redneck? If he is no good then she would see right through him with all her intelligence that you have instilled within her. Or did she really get her some good "book learning". I am sure that your kids are wonderful and they do have plentiful opportunities in a larger city but to teach them to hate people from a small town is teaching them wrong as well.
I wish you the best in your journey around the world to discover new things as for me I will continue to sit back and enjoy the quiet country nights where I can look up and see the stars at night. I can travel to these college football games on the morning after I support my local small town high school team. The game is so much fun at that level to cheer for kids you actually know and see those same kids do well. You can travel to major league baseball games, NHL games, or NFL games as well, if you so choose. But to be able to sleep at night without being awaken by sirens because of the crime in the inner city. The enjoyment of having a lawn my kids can play on and watch them exercise their muscles as well as their minds.
All of the children within a school are required to pass standardized testing these days so the education level is the same anywhere you go. This guy will have to pass certification tests in order to become a teacher no matter where he teaches. So if he can pass the exams is he really a dumb shit?
You said in a comment that this is “Jake Hates Everything”. Does that mean you hate her? Do you hate your kids? Do you hate intellectual people? Do you hate yourself? Just asking?

Jake said...

Your mileage may vary, but, regardless of your own experience, that is the flashback I had when I read your comment.

As for getting in touch, SGiW knows. If he doesn't, I can guarantee you he knows how to get a hold of my ex... day or night.

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