Watch Out, Lois!

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I recently watched the entirety of BBC's "Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares" on Netflix. In every episode scales back, limiting the chefs to smaller menus and simpler ingredients.

I bring this up because I've been putting off writing a review of Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane #16 because I haven't had a lot of free time to write of late. Then, as Gordon Ramsey explained that a good broccoli soup can be made from broccoli, salt, and water, I concluded this story need no embellishment.

One day, Lois gets jealous of Jimmy Olsen's Superman signal watch...

But when he gives her one of her own, Superman forgets to consider that women are stupid and worthless (per 1960's comics written for adolescent boys). She calls Superman when she has a nightmare.

On the note of Superman's temper, compare how he speaks to Darkseid when the latter comes to destroy the Earth...
... to the way he speaks to Lois about calling him to spring her from a stuck revolving door.
As always seems to be the case when Lois, Jimmy, or Superman says anything in public, a petty criminal happens to be standing nearby, overhears, and devises a plan to use this new development to his advantage.
The plan is to have Lois draw Superman away from a bank robbery. But Lois flips the script and refuses to signal Superman because not doing so allows her to lay a guilt trip on Superman.

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