Manale's Wrestlers Now in Playable Form

Bloggified by Jake on Saturday, February 2, 2013

Followers of Steve Manale's 140 Characters or Less who also play WWE '13 on Playstation can download my Manale-approved versions of O. Snap and No U. Diint.

O. Snap is a big man who's move set is based largely on Paul Wight and No U. Diint is mostly Eddie Guerrero. Make them a tag team called O-No and they should have finishers and everything programmed in. And for their entrance music, I suggest "Science is Real" from They Might Be Giants.

Unfortunately, trying to put the word "Manale" in the keywords or the description resulted in a warning for inappropriate language. All I can figure is "ale" is verboten.

So search for them by name or look for creations by Angry_Jake.

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