Abridged Quincy: Hot Ice

Bloggified by Jake on Tuesday, March 25, 2014

It only took five seasons and five episodes, but I finally enjoyed a "Quincy" episode unironically. In "Hot Ice," Quincy stumbles into a diamond smuggling scheme, but refuses to take part in an FBI/Customs Department joint sting operation targeting a mob boss because he'd rather judge the Miss Coroner Pageant. Instead, the Customs agent rope him into the sting against his will and--again, I say this unironically--Agent Nevin is my favorite Quincy supporting character ever. Sorry, Old Window Leaping Ninja, Creepy Ape-Faced Mom Who Yelled At Dr. Asten's Alcoholic Goddaughter For Murdering Her Son, and Badly Dubbed Kung Fu Master. You all just got bumped down a notch. Obviously, I wasn't the only one because he comes back for another episode the next season, which is mind-blowing. Not to get ahead of myself, but it involves jewel smuggling Nazis and mummies.

I probably shouldn't have mentioned that. "Hot Ice" really pales in comparison what without the Nazis or mummies.

Interesting Note: The guy who steals the briefcase/stabs Quincy in the leg/gets judo flipped by Dr. Asten is described in his IMDB bio as being best known for Rover Dangerfield. But stranger than that is if you read his list of credits, the majority are for "Baby V.O." Was he really hired that many times to provide the sound effect of a crying baby from off stage? Can you make a career of that? Or is this a case where he made a crying noise for an episode of "Alice" in 1981, and studios have been using the same recording for three decades the way some laugh tracks today are a recording of an "I Love Lucy" audience from the 1950's.

The next time you hear canned laughter on an episode of "Dog With a Blog," realize almost all those people laughing are probably dead. And turn off "Dog With a Blog." Have some dignity.

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